Lighting poles in cast iron

Here you will find a wide range of stakes in highly refined cast iron, to combine with elegant tops and groups made of forged iron or cast. Finally, you can complete the assembly with desired lighting fixtures such as the lantern, double glazed dish, lampara or the globe in white acrylic which is perfectly suited to all styles.

Each item has been designed, created and implemented to be treated and outdoor resist and to be easily installed. The cast iron elements follow a thorough sandblasting, a double bath in anti-rust paint with zinc phosphate and end up a coat of paint with charcoal gray polyester.

For every streetlight chosen, created to your taste, customized in sizes and colors, can support applique from the same collection.
The solutions that can be created to illuminate and beautify your garden, your terrace and all your outdoor space, are endless.
The standard product color is charcoal gray. And ‘possible to request change in all RAL colors.

1000 series

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1100 series

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1200 series

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1300 series

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1400 series

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1500 series